All sessions require a non-refundable deposit. The remaining balance is due no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled session. If I must cancel a shoot due to circumstances on my end, the deposit is refundable. If you cancel after the Tuesday a week prior to your shoot date, the deposit is not refundable. You may reschedule your session to a date within 30 days of the original session date one time for a re-booking fee to be determined based on the original shoot package you booked. The minimum re-booking fee is $100.

Sessions must be canceled no later than the Tuesday a week prior to your shoot date. If you cancel later than this, refunds of the balance (less deposit) are not available. 

Your session fee does not include the purchase of edited and/or downloadable photos unless agreed upon before the session and expressed in writing. 

Should I have an emergency and no longer be able to provide my services, I will provide a replacement photographer or refund your deposit. This would only be in the case of a true emergency and is never expected to be a possibility.

In the case that you need to reschedule due to illness, etc., please give me as much advance notice as possible. You are allowed one rescheduling but please give me as much notice as possible.

If the weather is torrential and we cannot shoot, the session will be rescheduled. Clouds, wind, and light rain aren't a problem and your shoot will usually go ahead in this case.

Within 72 hours of completing your session, your proof gallery will be online for 30 days, and will take 3 to 4 weeks to develop all edited photos. Each photo is hand selected by the photographer as I look for the most flattering photos of the bunch. The request to see other photos will not be granted. In the case of lost photos, please contact us about your photos within 30 days of the gallery being shut down. There will be a $100 dollar fee to re-upload a gallery. This is NOT guaranteed but I will do my best to relocate them for you.  In addition to the re-upload fee, the cost of editing is $10 per image. If I am able to re-upload the images the gallery will be available within 1 week and remain active for 30 days. 

Client agrees the photos shall not be cropped, altered or distorted in any way when they are used to promote clients business (This includes instagram filters). Client will NOT post any photos that are in proofing, only files that have been approved by the photographer.

The following will be edited: blemishes, skin tone, color correction, exposure, brightness, hue/saturation, and contrast.

At no time shall any of the proofs be saved to a computer/hard drive, shared online or printed without express written consent. This is a breach of federal copyright law and illegal.

Client agrees that while he/she may use the photos for purposes including, but not limited to: advertising, portfolios, composite cards, exhibitions, contests, and promotional web sites, client will not sell or otherwise transfer publication rights to any of the Photos without Photographer's prior consent. Likewise, Photographer agrees that while he/she may use the Photos for purposes related to the promotion of Photographer's photography business, including, but not limited to: advertising, portfolios, composite cards, exhibitions, contests, and promotional websites, Photographer will not sell or otherwise transfer publication rights to any of the Photos except with client’s prior consent. Client understands that Photographer has the moral right to be identified as the author of the Photos when copies of the Photos are presented to the public, and shall communicate this understanding to publishers, designers and other third parties that act on Client's behalf to create presentation material using the Photos. All images are copyrighted to and remain the property of Keon Blackwell.

I do not offer free or discounted re-shoots on the basis of client regrets over wardrobe choice, location choice, etc.

This agreement contains the entire understanding between Photographer and Client. It supersedes all prior agreements between the parties. By booking a session you agree to these terms and conditions.